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Shipping & Delivery

All deliveries are made from November to mid December, unless stipulated otherwise. We’ll send you a delivery advice card closer to the time to advise your delivery details. If you order multiple items, you may receive your items over multiple days. While every effort is made to deliver on the intended delivery date, Chrisco is not liable for any loss resulting from delay due to the customer’s failure to fulfil the customer’s obligations as outlined or for any other reason beyond the control of Chrisco (and/or its staff).
Chrisco is not liable for any personal loss resulting from a contracted party’s failure to deliver as advised, but  Chrisco will ensure that you receive the goods you have ordered in time for Christmas.  If your hampers do not contain frozen goods, they may be left at your delivery address if our Courier considers it safe to do so. 
Due to the nature of frozen goods, somebody must be home to accept delivery of frozen goods on the day advised. You may make arrangements with friends or neighbours to accept it for you. In some circumstances where our Courier considers it is safe to leave the delivery, or where you have instructed us to leave the delivery, we may do so. We recommend you put frozen products into your freezer as soon as you receive them.
For Home & Living and for all non food hampers from Hamper catalogues, each order will incur a Packing and Administration charge of $9.95, regardless of how many items you order.
Delivery costs are included except where stipulated throughout the catalogue. Some Chrisco Home and Living, Toy & Gift and non-food hampers will incur a delivery surcharge of $50 where the Heavy Icon Appears for heavy or large items. Maximum fee of $200 per Delivery Address.
Should you live in, or move to a remote rural area, we may ask you to collect your order from a local pick-up point and some very remote areas may not be within our courier delivery range. You can either check the below table for your post code or by calling us on 0800 555 333 for a confirmation
Rural Postcodes
0146 0446 3036 4350 7250 7844 9744 9750
0152 0448 3037 4863 7402 7845 9745 9752
0154 0540 3051 4943 7442 7846 9746 9759
0242 0542 3162 5541 7445 7859 9747  
0441 0540 3262 7062 7446 9069 9748  
0441-0443 0542 3646 7142 7448 9243 9749  
    3948     9643    


If you have set your order as a pick up at a depot, or you live in an area that requires a pick up only, then your delivery date is the date you should make arrangements to pick up your order from the depot. Your Delivery or Pick up Advice will include details of your pick up date and location. If you fail to pick up your order on the date specified, a Chrisco representative will attempt to contact you (up to 3 times either via Phone, Email, SMS or Mail). If we have been unable to contact you within 3 business days, any perishable food will be donated to a local charity, and Chrisco is not required to refund you the cost of such items.
Any non-perishable hampers will remain at the depot for up to 20 business days. If we are still unable to contact you after 20 business days, Chrisco will consider this order fulfilled and abandoned, and Chrisco is not required to refund you the cost of such items.   
Should your delivery address change, please inform Chrisco immediately. If a delivery address is changed after the 22 October 2021, Chrisco reserves the right to charge an administration fee of $5.
Physical Gift Cards and Vouchers are subject to a single delivery fee of $10 per delivery address. They are sent via Courier Post signature required.  
Deliveries to islands or some remote areas may incur an on-forwarding freight charge depending on the postcode. Details can be obtained when placing your order.