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Refer A Friend T&C's

By participating in “Refer A Friend” you agree to these “Refer A Friend” Terms and Conditions

  • Get Permission! You must only recommend and share information about Chrisco with people (including by SMS or email) if you get their permission first.
  • The $50 Refer A Friend credit for you and your friend only applies if they are a *qualified customer who places a **qualified order.
  • If these Terms and Conditions are satisfied, the credit will be applied to your Chrisco account, and your friend’s Chrisco account, in December 2022.
  • A *qualified new customer is anyone who DOES NOT appear in the Chrisco database as of 21st August 2022, and DOES NOT live at the same mailing address or delivery address as you the Referrer.
  • A **qualified order is an order over $500 (excluding Vouchers and Gift cards) placed by Friday 21nd October, 2022.
  • The *qualified customer you have referred must nominate you as the referrer by filling your name and number on this request form, by calling our Contact Centre 0800 555 333 or by filling in your name in on the order form on our website.

Chrisco refers to Chrisco International Holdings Limited