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What Our Customers Say

This will have to be next year order lol I have no more room or space to add any for this year order not even sure if i have enough room for this year order but i do love chrisco especially my kidsT. Tumutoa

I like the meat hampers. Being a pensioner I find it helps having all that meat for about 4 months of year. J. Dowling.

This is my first Chrisco Christmas and I'm so glad I done it. Chrisco is totally worth it. Thank you Chrisco for making my Christmas this year a really good one :) M. Irbitis.

This is my about 8 years or more with Chrisco & never been happier. Always spot on. K. Lee

Thanks for making life so much easier Chrisco!! B. Magee

Thank you chrisco great start to our Christmas looking forward to next year already. H. Millborn.

My family calls me the crisco grinch because I won’t let them touch it until Christmas Eve. Have been getting crisco for about 15 years. M. Martin.

Christmas isn't Christmas without Chrisco. D. Hustwaite.

We love chrisco delivery day :) M. Voss.

Chrisco is my favorite day. It feels like how christmas did when i was a kid. I love love love opening each box and putting everything away. Thank you for making it easier for people to survive christmas! R. Piscopo

Thank you chrisco for making our delivery feel like Christmas unwrapping fun present for the whole family. And making Christmas feel so much more fun and relaxing. The kids love seeing all the food and eating it too. The fun part is trying to find space to fit it all. C. Deluca.

Thank you Chrisco. Makes this time of the year a lot easier. K. Strudwick

I love you guys so much, every year I look forward to my hampers arriving, just want to say you guys are absolutely awesome and I would like to thank everyone involved in getting my hampers to me safe and sound. K. Martin.