Headstart Program

Get Christmas 2019 off to the best possible start!

You can start your Christmas shopping with us now. It means you start putting money aside each week, ahead of Christmas 2019, and you can turn that saving into an order at any time. As soon as you have the catalogue and you know what’s on your list, you can turn your Headstart into an order. You can do that online or give us a call on 0800 555 333.

You can start saving now for any of our 2019 Catalogues. We have some great catalogues coming up: Toy & Gift, Top Up and more.

The earlier you start your Headstart, the smaller your weekly repayments will be and the more you can afford. 

Don’t Delay, Start your Headstart Today!

Terms & Conditions of a Headstart Plan


What is a HeadStart Plan? A HeadStart Plan allows you to make payments towards next year’s order, while giving you time to decide exactly which products you want. Once your 2019 order is fully paid, a HeadStart Plan for 2020 will automatically be created for you and your direct debit payments will continue (for the same amount as your second last payment for your 2019 order).

What if I don’t want a HeadStart Plan? If you do not want to have a HeadStart plan, you can tick the red box at the bottom of the order form or simply call us on 0800 555 333 and we can do it for you.

What will my payments be under a HeadStart Plan? We will write to you to confirm the amount and other details of your HeadStart Plan payments prior to commencing your direct debits under the HeadStart Plan.

Are my payments refundable? Payments under your HeadStart Plan are fully refundable unless and until you convert them into an order for 2019. Once payments under your HeadStart Plan are converted into an order Chrisco’s Cancellation Policy will apply (see below for details, or CLICK this link for the Chrisco Terms and Conditions of Purchase. You can convert your HeadStart Plan into an order by filling out the order from in next year’s catalogue, by giving us a call on 0800 555 333, or going online at Chrisco.com.au.

What if I don’t convert my HeadStart Plan into an order? If you have not converted your HeadStart Plan into an order by 16th February 2019, Chrisco will automatically place an order for you for goods of a similar value to your 2018 order (unless you tell us not to do this). Orders that are automatically placed by Chrisco are fully refundable unless and until you confirm your order. Once you confirm your order, Chrisco’s Cancellation Policy will apply (see below for details, or CLICK this link for the  Chrisco Terms and Conditions of Purchase).

Free Gift: To give you an extra helping hand, Chrisco will give a free gift to any customer whose HeadStart Plan is converted into an order for 2019 and that order is fully paid. (Limit one free gift per customer).


Shop with Confidence

Affordable payment plans

With small regular instalments, our no deposit and no interest lay-by plan makes shopping for Christmas easy and affordable.

Multiple payment options

Direct Debit or Auto Pay the choice is yours. Plus you choose the payment plan that best suits you from weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments.


We deliver all your Christmas goods between mid-November to mid-December giving you plenty of time for wrapping!


Please contact us on one of the methods below:

Call us on: 0800 555 333, or
Send us a message .